December 2016

The project received a Preservation and Access grant from NEH

for work in 2017–2018. The Universal Scripts Project, which is the NEH-funded portion of the project, was one of eight successful grants in the Preservation and Access Research and Development program. Link to an article.



November 2016

The UTC discussed the Khitan Small Script proposal, Proto-Cuneiform, and Egyptian hieroglyphs.


In mid-November, Deborah Anderson travelled to Fresno, California, to meet with Cher Vang Kong, creator of the Hmong Nhiakenpuachue script, and to discuss getting the script into Unicode.




August 2016

The August UTC approved proposals from SEI for three medieval punctuation characters.


With support from the Luce Foundation, SEI participated in a meeting in Yinchuan, China on the Khitan scripts.




June 2016

The Unicode Consortium awarded SEI a grant to fund work on the Mayan script in 2017.



May 2016

The May 2016 UTC approved the Medefaidrin script, which was used to write the Medefaidrin language, and a Kathi character, both of which were supported by SEI.



April 2016

Deborah Anderson gave a presentation at the annual meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) in Atlanta. The talk was entitled, “Hieroglyphs in Unicode: Progress Towards a Universal Computing Standard”.



February 2016

At the late January 2016 meeting, the Unicode Technical Committee approved several SEI-supported characters, including additions to N'Ko, Latin, Soyombo, Zanabazar Square, and Devanagari.


Several script proposals which had SEI support were also discussed, including

• Medefaidrin

• Nandinagari

• Pau Cin Hau Syllabary

• Ranjana/Lantsa

• Old Sogdian

• and an extension to Egyptian Hieroglyphs.



November 2015

The Unicode Technical Commitee met and discussed numerous Unicode proposals. The UTC approved

• Dogra

• Gunjala Gondi

• Makasar

• Indic Siyaq


Check out updates for other scripts on → Scripts Not Encoded



October 2015

We are glad to present our new designed website by the German design studio Drei meiner Kollegen.



October 2015

SEI organized a meeting in Tokyo with experts to discuss the Soyombo and Zanabazar Square script proposals. The meeting

was made possible through a grant from the Luce Foundation.

A summary of the meeting is available.












November 2016

At the Internationalization and Unicode Conference,

Deborah Anderson gave a talk on 2 November, 2016,

“Script Encoding, Part 2: Working with the User Community”.

An abstract can be found here.



July 2016

Deborah Anderson gave a long paper presentation with Carlos Pallán Gayol (University of Bonn), entitled, “Unlocking the Mayan Script with Unicode” at the Digital Humanities 2016 conference in Kraków, Poland. The slides are available here.



August 2015

SEI script proposal author Anshuman Pandey and Project Leader Debbie Anderson gave a talk entitled “From Local Script to Global Standard: The Lifecycle of a Script in Unicode” as part of the San Francisco Globalization Meetup. The presentation slides are available here.



July 2015

The SEI Project Leader Deborah Anderson gave a joint paper at

the Digital Humanities conference in Sydney, Australia, with Stephen Morey, Centre for Research on Language Diversity, La Trobe University. The talk was entitled, “Negotiating the Issues

of Encoding and Producing Traditional Scripts on Computers – Working with Unicode”. The slides are available here.



June 2015

SEI gave a panel presentation entitled "Character encoding in Unicode, transliteration, and the future of multilingual search" at the American Library Association meeting in San Francisco, California, which took place June 27 2015. (The ALA panel was entitled "Managing Transliteration of Bibliographic Data.")

The SEI slides are available here.



November 2014

SEI gave a presentation entitled "Expanding the Unicode Repertoire: Unencoded Scripts of Africa and Asia" at the 38th Internationalization and Unicode Conference in Santa Clara, California, which took place November 2014. The slides are available here.










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