List of Scripts

Needing Encoding


• The SEI maintains


• The Unicode CLDR Project maintains a list of languages and scripts.


• See also Anshuman Pandey's Expanding Unicode and

Everson's Papers Formally Submitted to the UTC and ISO/IEC

10646 JTC 1/SC2/WG2, for more recently revised proposals.


• For information on modern languages, see the Ethnologue entries, and follow the links for the "Search the Web" version.


• For further information on historic and constructed languages (with links to the modern languages in the Ethnologue) see the LinguistList website.










• The Roadmap contains the official list of scripts needing encoding. The Roadmap organizes the scripts in different planes, with proportional maps of actual and proposed allocations to Unicode (ISO/IEC 10646): most modern scripts are found in the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP, or Plane 0). Many archaic scripts are located in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane (SMP, or

Plane 1).


• On the Roadmap, the scripts listed with question marks surrounding them in red identify those scripts that currently lack a detailed proposal. The names with green also need further work, i.e., expert review and additional research. Clicking on any underlined name will take you to the proposal. Some scripts may still be missing from the Roadmap.










Script Encoding Initiative

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University of California, Berkeley

Department of Linguistics

1203 Dwinelle Hall #2650

Berkeley, CA 94720-2650


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