Welcome to the Yurok Language Project website! Our goal is to provide as much information as possible about the Yurok language, its structure and usage, and its relations to cultural and geographical setting. We work with the Yurok Tribe, with members of the Yurok community, and with Yurok community groups. Please don't hesitate to write with questions or requests. Wokhlew k'ee ma k'e-nuue'mow'!

Project news (February 2014)

We've posted three lengthy sets of sentences, with excellent language, from work by ’aawokw Aileen Figueroa with Juliette Blevins, Lisa Conathan, and Tess Wood:

Thanks to students Erin Lindsay, Emil Minas, and Andrew Robinett for the technical work. The Yurok transcription and English translation are accessible to everybody; the audio is password-protected.

Spotlight text: The First Salmon Rite

In 1942, Robert Spott (and A. L. Kroeber) published an English-language narrative describing the first-salmon ceremony at Wehlkwew. Florence Shaughnessy later told a Yurok-language version of the narrative, which was published in R. H. Robins's 1958 The Yurok Language. Read the full text here.