Welcome to the Yurok Language Project website! Our goal is to provide as much information as possible about the Yurok language, its structure and usage, and its relations to cultural and geographical setting. We work with the Yurok Tribe, with members of the Yurok community, and with Yurok community groups. Please don't hesitate to write with questions or requests. Wokhlew k'ee ma k'e-nuue'mow'!

Project news (February 2014)

We've posted three lengthy sets of sentences, with excellent language, from work by ’aawokw Aileen Figueroa with Juliette Blevins, Lisa Conathan, and Tess Wood:

Thanks to students Erin Lindsay, Emil Minas, and Andrew Robinett for the technical work. The Yurok transcription and English translation are accessible to everybody; the audio is password-protected.

Spotlight text: What Are You Making?

One of the most important contributions to the teaching and revival of the Yurok language is Georgiana Trull's 2003 book Yurok Language Conversation Book. All the sentences in the book were recorded, and each chapter's sentences have been bundled together on our website. For example, chapter 9, "What are you making?", is full of interesting constructions and sentence patterns, Read and listen to the full text here.