Survey Reports

The cover of Survey Reports Volume 10
The cover of Survey Reports Volume 10

Volume 10
The Hokan, Penutian, and J. P. Harrington Conferences and the Mary R. Haas memorial July 28-29, 1996
Edited by Leanne Hinton

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1-6Hulpun: My home town language[PDF]
Catherine A. Callaghan
7-24Reviving a Penutian language: Steps and strategies in the revival of Miluk Coos[PDF]
Anthony Grant
25-34Notes on Highland Oaxaca Chontal internal reconstruction[PDF]
Margaret Langdon
35-56Surface-marked privatives in the evaluative domain of the Chimariko lexicon[PDF]
George V. Grekoff
57-82Hyphenating Harrington-style[PDF]
Suzanne M. Wash
83-94J. P. Harrington and Al Hayes[PDF]
Margaret Langdon
Leanne Hinton
97-98Remarks on Mary Haas[PDF]
Wally Chafe
99-100Mary Haas and Berkeley linguistics[PDF]
Murray Emeneau
101-102Mary Haas as a teacher[PDF]
Margaret Langdon
103-104Mary Haas as a historical linguist[PDF]
William Shipley
105-114Remembering Mary Haas' work on Thai[PDF]
James Matisoff
115-118The contribution of Mary R. Haas to the study of southeastern languages[PDF]
Pam Munro
119-124The importance of Mary R. Haas[PDF]
Karl Teeter
125-128Mary R. Haas 1910-1996 — Awards and honors[PDF]
129-138Mary R. Haas: Bibliography[PDF]