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Phonology Lab

50-52 Dwinelle Hall
University of California, Berkeley




The Phonology Lab is equipped to record and analyze acoustic and physiological speech data. In addition, we collect behavioral speech perception data as people listen to speech that has been edited or synthesized in various ways.

Dwinelle 52a Audio recording studio. A single-walled sound booth with a direct-to-disk audio workstation and a selection of microphones.

Dwinelle 52b Speech perception data collection. PC workstations running E-Prime software.

Dwinelle 52c Speech physiology data collection and speech analysis workstations. Equipment available in this lab includes two Fleisch pneumotachs, two Rothenberg masks, dental camera for static palatography, a single-channel electroglottograph, National Instruments data acquisition hardware, and customized Matlab data acquistion software.

Dwinelle 50 Meeting room.

Dwinelle 55 Lab Library and Visiting Scholar's office.

Dwinelle 49, 51, 53, 57 - Research offices (grad students and post-docs).



We have been using XWaves on MacIntosh and Linux workstations and are interested to know if other labs are also using this software.

KLSYN is a portable version of the KLSYN-88 speech synthesizer (see Klatt and Klatt, 1990). This version of the synthesizer compiles on almost any platform, but has a very limited (80's style) user interface.

EAR is a slight modification of Malcomb Slaney's (1988) implementation of Lyons' cochlear model. This is the one mentioned in Johnson Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics, and we use it mainly for the cochleagram - a display of speech that combines features of auditory spectra and spectrograms.

We use experiment scheduling software originally developed at Ohio State for keeping track of experiments and subjects. (Requires Apache + MySQL + PHP5)

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